What I really admire about this work is the idea of repetition and experimentation that is quite evident in each end result.  You can feel that they really played with the idea and that each style of "wig" seems to have been realized in the most organic way.
Paper has been used, manipulated and transformed into many different products so that concept is not necessarily fresh.  What is arresting and new (at least for me) is the idea of PAPER AS HAIR - of using something so fragile and so stiff to represent something quite strong and soft. Also, the idea that the individual cuts and shreds that are flat and smooth when replicated creates something voluminous and highly textured is quite charming.
All images from the PAPER CUT PROJECT 

In other news:  I woke up at a midnight and ate a chocolate bar to get me to sleep and again I woke up at 3am, then 5am, then 8am. I guess I'm starting to NOT get used to sleeping alone. Can't wait for G to come back home. He's in for a big surprise.

Today was also my first day of teaching Advanced Fashion Illustration at The Fashion Institute of the Philippines in its LOVELY Quezon City Branch along Panay Avenue.  I have 5 lovely students so far and they're all so charming and talented! I'm really looking forward to seeing their graduation collections. :-)