Last weekend I went to the CITY OF EL SALVADOR!
(in Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental, Philippines! Hehe!)

Odd Wikipedia trivia, the city has been denied its cityhood in 2008 and then declared a city again in 2009 and it was denied AGAIN in 2010 and just recently last February 2011 it was a city again.  SOMEONE PLEASE explain to me why these things even happen? 

We went there to visit what I believe is the world's LARGEST Divine Mercy Statue.

The two rays are actually stairways to His heart. You need to attend a seminar to be able to come up. It is NOT really a tourist destination but more of a pilgrimage. 

The photo below tells the story of the place.


Shorts and other "revealing" garments are strictly prohibited. Hence you would be REQUIRED to wear these LOVELY "shirred" tulip skirts if you wore even a hint of slutness. Be delighted as they come in baby blue which matches the sky, navy blue which matches the Macajalar Bay and of course, red just to break the ice.

Here I am wearing my skirt of shame shirred tulip skirt in Valentino red. I wasn't wearing anything vulgar really except that my pants were so tight they looked like jeggings so I just tried them on.

Sceneries and skirts aside, the place really does feel very sacred. I recommend it to all Catholics specially the devotees of the Divine Mercy. They also have "Divine" water which is free for everyone!

Thank you to Miss Mimi of Fashion Institute of the Philippines - Cagayan de Oro for the lovely trip! :)