Day 234: Obsessions - Tube Tops

I have been obsessed with the stretch tube for quite some time now. This is probably related to how slutty looks "make me happy".

Here is a trip through my top tube tops in music video history:

Kanye West - All Falls Down

A salmon & pistachio jersey tube dress with gold buckle right on the cleavage!!! I WANT THIS!!!

New Radicals - Somday We'll Know

A "non-slutty" tube top look. It was so hot it became the new baby tee. I admire this girl's style A LOT.

Britney Spears - Sometimes

Soonish I will whip out my fisherman's hat and pair it with a jersey tube top and white high-waist knee-length cotton skirt. ALL IN WHITE!

Mariah Carey - Honey

She looks crazy here but again with the white tube top and skirt combo!!! What is it with a white tube top that we all loved back then?!?

Mariah Carey - Loverboy

Ok so this one is more of a bandeau but still it gets the point across - it pretty much looks like it will slide down any moment. So yes i want a red paisley knot-style bandeau

And of course my ultimate favorite (a video that shall be discussed soon!)

Jordan Knight - Give It to You

A red sequined tube top with matching sleeves / armbands!!!!!! Hello?!? Who would not want this?!? (the style of the other two girls merits another blog post)

And of course it has to be paired with red barely-3-inch heels.