Day 225: Hats Off To You

It has been almost a year since we first met.

I can see that you've gone quite the distance.

There have been many criticisms and heavy words but take note that they were all meant to push you into getting better and better at your craft.

We have never been so proud to see such passion and dedication translate into explorations of beauty.  You are an inspiration to me, and to everyone who bear witness to your creative process, pedal-to-the-metal, day after day.

The results manifest the spirit that we have continuously upheld and hopefully continue to bear as you turn the page - preference for alternative thinking, spirit of playfulness, respect for tradition, openness to criticism and collaboration, accepting mistakes and making creative solutions, striving for new propositions, endlessly challenging norms & realities, and most importantly - ARTISTIC INTEGRITY.

It is about to get tougher.  You have had a glimpse of this, thus, we hope you are ready for what is to come because there is a very long way to go.  I will go ahead and state the obvious: there is a big room for improvement and this will be your chance to evolve as architects of this fast industry.

I would like to congratulate you in advance.  Thank you for your trust.  I have learned many things from you but that is nothing compared to the many shared experiences.  No matter what happens I am proud.  You should be too.


This end ushers the beginning of it all.

Remember, "just enjoy the show!!!" HAHA! ;D