Making A Collection: Inspiration Number One


If someone would ask me what my MAIN inspiration for my graduation collection was, it would be BRUNEI.


Brunei Darussalam is not just an oil-rich country, to me it represents the best three years of my life (so far).  The first year was tough but it taught me how to live alone.  The second year I started meeting all the people that I treasure now.  The third year was when we started traveling together, filling ourselves with experiences beyond compare.  All these fueled my passion for this industry.

The stripes I printed aren't just lines, they represent who I am.  I've been this "clean" and "orderly" person all my life. I've always done as I'm told, in the way it was dictated to be done. I was as disciplined as a straight line.   


People always thought they knew me so well, but they really don't.  In my experiments I tried to create an elusive and intangible optical illusion in between the printed satin and the printed organza.  This effect will confuse you from afar, but will baffle you even further up-close.  It symbolizes how we often categorize what we see, only to find out later that we are wrong.


The point is, ANYTHING can really inspire you.  Sometimes we don't need to look far and wide.  It may be right under our noses.  Just look at the photo above.  It is gross and will probably set me back a few hundred dollars but I love this scandalacious photo and IT INSPIRES ME.

***Notice how there's a MAJOR stripe in EVERY photo***