What Prada, Alexis Mabille and I Have In Common

Considering my collection was 75% done by early July as most of you have seen in the VIDEO, I was very surprised to see what Mrs. Prada and the ├╝ber cute Alexis Mabille did for their Spring 2011 shows a few weeks ago.

  Mrs. Prada showed hers during the week of my graduation pre-judging.  To have something in common with a mega-brand like Prada is quite a boost in my "designer-esteem". Actually, if you combine my work, with my fellow graduate Ernest Lingad's dyed-lace work, THIS might be the result. I'm quite happy though that Mrs. Prada and I took different directions.  However...

Alexis Mabille showed his work in Paris Fashion Week during the first week of October (a few days AFTER my graduation show). He is one of the "guest members" of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture which means he's one of those being nurtured to continue the traditions of Haute Couture.  So again, WOW look at some of his looks. It's like Alexis and I slept together one night and shared a dream!

Perhaps this whole similarity thing is all in my head.  But as I learned in fashion school (and books and fashion-related reality shows), awareness of other designers' works is essential to building and maintaining a brand.  The line between sharing an inspiration and simply mimicking an aesthetic is very very very thin.

OK SO NOW I JUST NEED BETTER PHOTOS to level up with the ones in style.com

*Alexis Mabille and Prada runway images from Style.com*