I'm ALMOST a shoe designer.  ALMOST there but not yet. I really really really hope to make this happen soon.

Thanks to Gaupo, one of my dreams has started to unfold. For our final collection for the Mega YDC, they asked us to design our own shoes and here are the sketches I sent them.

See more illustrations after the jump!

We were limited to ONE shoe design so I decided to play with the prints of the different parts of the shoe (straps, heel, platform).  Needless to say I printed the fabric myself.  It is not screen printed, I have my own method that involves 200 degrees Celcius and a heavy machine.  The resulting prints are pin sharp and they can get wet or soaped and even bleached without losing any colour.

Here is ONE of the 5 pairs! :-)

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*Photos by Ionne Ocampo and creative direction by Third Fernandez