Remember this TV series? Remember April Tuna? Oh how I miss the good old days.

Yesterday I had a talk with someone I look up to (along with good friends) and it was just what I needed. Because lately I've been quite the feature on the gossip column. People are saying things left and right.  But after yesterday's events I realized a few lovely things:

1) Tyra Banks as crazy as she is, was right when she said "hurt people HURT" and as a result...

2) We have to forgive them and give them time to heal.  

3) Often the people who gossip are the ones who don't really know what they are talking about. I simply do not regret that I stood up for my countless friends who couldn't have done it themselves. Those who were hurt, those who cried and were discouraged.  There really is not much I can do for those who simply do not want to listen.

4) I cannot change people, at least not that easily. Their ship has been sailing in that direction and it's hard to suddenly go against their current. Let them be for a while and hope against all hope that one day they will see things from a different perspective.

5) It's the truth that matters. Yesterday made me realize that there are people who know who I really am and they told me that what I did was right - and this is what matters most. 

6) Be the better person. Enough said.

To the people who know me really well, who have known me for months and years, thank you for believing in me and thank you for showing me that things are alright.

"2, Yu-tzu[7] said, To behave with ease is the best part of courtesy. This was the beauty of the old kings' ways; this they followed in small and great. But knowing this, it will not do to give way to ease, unchecked by courtesy. This too is wrong."