Day 240: Old Buildings I Want to Buy #001

Location: Divisoria, Manila

 All those vertical lines and window aprons gives me the weak-on-the-knees feeling.
Who owns this building? What was its original purpose? Who designed it? I must go back and talk to the people staying in or around the building. I don't even know the name of this magnificent structure.

Now, what to do with this building?  It will probably become a house on top and an orphanage and vocational school in the lower floors.  Perhaps even a theater showing only films older than 25 with vintage TV Ads and jingles as intermission. Serving hot buttered popcorn and classic Pinoy soda - RC Cola anyone?
 Location: Divisoria, Manila

I can also imagine the top floor having all these hallways with sunlight pouring in with parallel shadow lines cast by the external facade. Large paintings on walls and busts on elaborate plinths alternate each other. Flowers are pouring down from chandeliers. Then people come in wearing denim and rubber shoes and neon shirts and they will listen to a string quartet in one of the function rooms.

 I hope to take a picture of the Scottish Rite Temple along Taft Avenue in Manila and that old building with a clock along Osmena / SLEX.  These buildings are also on the top of my list.