Day 241: Gabriel Tiongson's Neurana

Gabriel S. Tiongson wields a Sharpie with the surgical precision of a scalpel.  Black lines, sure and strong, cut through paper giving life to creations pulled from Tiongson’s cerebrum.
-The Philippine Star

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Artworks are on display until 16th September 2011 at Vinylon Vinyl Urban at The Collective, Malugay Street, Makati City.

The canvas bags and t-shirts were a hit! I'm gunna get a personalized one soon. You can get one too!

Gabby is my best friend from Ateneo who secretly likes to do robo-dances and has to eat desserts after meals. He wears glasses with wooden frames and likes 80's/90's lightnings.

Congratulations on a very successful event Gabby!!!

Read more about Gabby on THIS ARTICLE from The Philippine Star.

All photos from Mr-Next-Big-Thing cinematographer, Marvene Rom Munda.